Crossword 1111 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 05 January, 2019

1 CROWBAR Means to force opening for bird at pub (7) 
bird = CROW, pub = BAR
5 STOIC Thus about to become impervious to suffering (5) 
Thus = SIC about (including) TO
8 MADE DO Managed (just) to have crazy ode composed (4,2) 
crazy = MAD + anagram of ODE
9 SHARP END Bow where all the real work is done? (5,3) 
Double definition
10 EARLY BIRD Barely disguised tax collectors here for a lark (5,4) 
Anagram of BARELY + IRD ("tax collectors")
11 EASE Comfort taken from 50% increase (4) 
half of "increase"
12 USHER Lead America with that woman (5) 
America = US, that woman = HER
13 ENVISAGE Imagine even I being upset about droop (8) 
Anagram of EVEN I including SAG ("droop")
15 ABOVE PAR Superior to father, say, when priced at a premium (5,3) 
Superior to = ABOVE, father = pa, say = homonym indicator, PAR
18 RAVER Rare arrangement to restrain very uninhibited speaker (5) 
Anagram RARE including V ("very")
20 KNOT Rate at sea by kilometre? Anything but (4) 
kilometre = K + NOT ("Anything but")
21 RETRAINED Kept right inside and learnt a different skill (9) 
Kept = RETAINED including R ("right")
23 STAMPEDE Politician gets in, seated by mistake in the rush (8) 
Politician = MP inside anagram of SEATED
24 INSIST Maintain a part of the mountains is treacherous (6) 
Hidden word
25 SUNNY Fine young fellow so I hear (5) 
Homophone for SONNY
26 DUENNAS Princess in south of France turns back chaperones (7) 
Princess = ANNE, south of France = SUD, turns back = reversal indicator
1 CRATE Container placed back in supermarket arcade (5) 
Hidden word backwards in supermakET ARCake
2 ON EARTH Another arrangement made (in prayer) as it is in heaven (2,5) 
Anagram of ANOTHER
3 BOOBY TRAP Poor tabby stumbles into unexpected difficulty (5,4) 
Anagram of POOR TABBY
4 RESPITE Peter is treated with some time out (7) 
Anagram of PETER IS
5 STAID Stuck around, so they say, being sober (5) 
Homophone for STAYED
6 ORPHEUS Shore up structure for a classical musician (7) 
Anagram of SHORE UP
7 CANE SUGAR Flog darling as a sweetener (4,5) 
Flog = CANE, darling = SUGAR
12 URBANITES Townies have train and bus travelling around east (9) 
Anagram of TRAIN and BUS including E ("east")
14 VERBALISE Recite poem about part of Indonesia (9) 
poem = VERSE, part of Indonesia = BALI
16 VITAMIN You could make a mint after six with a nutritional essence (7) 
Anagram of A MINT after VI ("six")
17 RETREAD Tree chopped to fit in study in make-over (7) 
Tree chopped = TRE inside READ ("study")
19 VENISON Game in heaven is ongoing (7) 
Hidden word
21 REEDY Caribou turn up at the beginning of the year rather thin and wheezy (5) 
Caribou = DEER, turned up = reversal indicator, beginning of year = Y
22 DESKS Idlers' skis regularly do as tables (5) 
every second letter ("regularly") in iDlErS sKiS


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