Crossword 1120 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 09 March, 2019

1 AERODROME Where aircraft can touch down and are moored at sea (9) 
Anagram of ARE MOORED
6 BY AIR The quickest way out of Libya I reckon (2,3) 
Hidden word
9 DEFAMED Slandered by deaf, crooked medium (7) 
Anagram of DEAF + medium = MED
10 ELATING Bringing joy, say, about linguist's Romance (7) 
say = EG containing linguist's Romance = LATIN
11 COLIC Gripe from colonel in command (5) 
colonel = COL, in command = IC
12 EIGHTFOLD Gold thief sneakily made one more then seven times as much (9) 
Anagram of GOLD THIEF
13 INDULGENT Drunk glued inside pub before time is called perhaps easygoing (9) 
Anagram of GLUED inside INN ("pub") + time = T
15 UNFIT Peacekeepers' tantrum shows them to be out of condition (5) 
Peacekeepers = UN, tantrum = FIT
17 NAMED Endlessly, urgently request to go back and be identified (5) 
urgently request = DEMAND reversed "endlessly"
19 KICKBACKS Bribes thrill advocates (9) 
thrill = KICK, advocates = BACKS
21 RELIEF MAP Support plan showing the country in a landscape illustration (6,3) 
Backup = relief, plan showing the country = map
24 NAOMI I whinge returning for a mother-in-law (5) 
whinge = MOAN, returning = reversal indicator
25 CADDIED Scoundrel expired having helped some swingers (7) 
Scoundrel = CAD, expired = DIED
26 TORNADO Ripped before a party? A terrible blow (7) 
Ripped = TORN, a party - A DO
27 SACKS Fires making the sound of a reed briefly (5) 
reed briefly = SAX
28 GALLANTRY Try an adaptation following impudence, displaying courtesy and courage (9) 
Anagram of TRY AN after GALL ("impudence")
1 ADDICTION Notice enunciation: it is a terribly strong habit (9) 
Notice = AD, enunciation = DICTION
2 RUFFLED Trump took command and messed up (7) 
Trump = RUFF, took command = LED
3 DOMICILED Corrupt old Medici shacked up (9) 
Anagram of OLD MEDICI
4 OLDIE Early pop idol confused by Ecstasy (5) 
Anagram of IDOL + Ecstasy = E
5 ENERGETIC Lively quote upset following Green mistake (9) 
quote = CITE, upset = reversal indicator, following anagram of GREEN
6 BEAST Be a very good person or a brute (5) 
BE A very good person = ST
7 A BIT OFF Arthur initially used his mouth to remove something with bad taste (1,3,3) 
Arthur initially = A, used his mouth to remove somethng = BIT OFF
8 RIGID Rex and I dig up stiff (5) 
Rex = R + reversal ("up") of I DIG
14 ESKIMO DOG Note: remove the cream with good cooking for a malamute (6,3) 
Note = E, remove the cream = SKIM + anagram of GOOD
15 URBAN AREA Fertiliser around a barn rebuilt in town (5,4) 
Fertiliser = UREA containing anagram of BARN
16 TESTIMONY I am working inside, short tempered, providing evidence (9) 
I am = IM, working = ON, inside TESTY ("short tempered")
18 MELODIC Musical male talent quest winner raised in European community (7) 
male = M, talent quest winner = IDOL, raised = reversal indicator. European community = EC
20 COOLANT Fluid that has to be in the fridge for trendy worker (7) 
trendy = COOL, worker = ANT
21 RACES Rightwing leader champions some ethnic groups (5) 
Rightwing leader = R, champions = ACES
22 EVILS Iniquities that put lives in disarray (5) 
Anagram of LIVES
23 PETAL Ring is about time for a bit of a wallflower (5) 
Ring = PEAL, time = T


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